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"It is an engagement between man and woman, formed for the advantage of each."Quite right - which is why it seems so sad that we have all but given it up.

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[Fun Facts Home] Most of Katya's Fun Facts of the Week have concerned topics that have divided the nations.

Perhaps appropriately, Katya considers this area to be a uniting one, in which the more backwards countries have almost caught up to Russia.

Throughout the entirety of Western civilization in the 1920's, sweeping sociological changes were engendering a sexual revolution as profound as those of the 1960's or the 1140's.

Women wore clothes which would have been considered scandalously revealing a decade previous, new theories of social intercourse became prominent, and a surprisingly wide range of activities were tolerated that had before been unthinkable. Prior to World War One, there really wasn't "dating" as we know it, or at least not in any significant amount.

Dating allowed people to try out a range of possible partners before settling on one (if they settled on one) without the social stigma which previously would have been attached to such experimentation.

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