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Sharing all the highlights and low-lights with you via our blog and podcast. Young, black, professional……Tammy and Mike’s last will and testament (don’t worry they aren’t dying) on life, values, [the] culture, and each other. Join them for their biweekly uncensored, sometimes nerdy, always hilarious conversations and advice.

The Browngirl with her keen awareness of bullshit still holds on to her dream of true love.

Why did you decide to create a directory of dating sites?

The idea came about last year when I decided to get back into online dating and found it tiring trawling the internet looking for the right site.

We waste so much time in traffic in Nairobi and I think you’re most likely to meet your significant other in traffic more than ever before: sitting next to them in a mat, bus or your slow moving cars alongside each other on the road. This site has been featured on a number of credible online and mainstream media.

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