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Would be good if it flashed when the alarm went off, it would certainly wake me up thinking there's a police car in my front garden.

The remote control is the best part of the set, good range, although when recording you need to see the blue light to see whether you have turned the camera on or off.

Although this product looks good and doesn't appear out of place in most settings, it has a couple of annoying flaws.

As an alarm clock it is impossible to turn off the alarm before it goes off if you wake up early without a lot of loud beeping, not ideal if you have a partner.

The spy camera part is reasonable, however the movement sensor does not work in fairly low light, ie. The blue light is such a bad design too, it flashes when the camera is ready to record, but no ordinary flashing, the plastic of the clock is so thin the whole clock lights up in a dark room.

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