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LINE also has a Hidden Chats function, which keeps private or tawdry conversation private by allowing users to set a self-destruction timer on their texts, pictures and files.

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Every time he stumbled upon a new phone chat service, Richard would hesitate to call, try it out and add it to his list of chatlines.

When chatlines started offering free trials, Richard saw an opportunity. You should share it on the internet.” He was right, before the chatline guide came along, all the chatlines were advertised on different classified websites, and small local publications.

You can go through the list of females in your neighbourhood to browse through their pictures.

When you spot someone you fancy across a crowded room, mustering up the courage to go over to them is only half the battle - what will you say once you’re there?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation – dubbed EFF – ranked the biggest technology companies in the world, based on how transparent and protective they are of their users' data.

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