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The Ptolemy Project has developed directors supporting process networks (PN), discrete-events (DE), dataflow (SDF), synchronous/reactive(SR), rendezvous-based models, 3-D visualization, and continuous-time models.Each level of the hierarchy in a model can have its own director, and distinct directors can be composed hierarchically.A Tesla Wall Connector installed on a 90 amp / 240 volt circuit breaker will achieve the maximum charge rate of 17.2 k W for a 100 k Wh configured vehicle.

A seamless flow of passion and precision describe its looks, and define its every move.

Distinctive design is just the start of a C 300 Sedan.

Model S comes with Autopilot capabilities designed to make your highway driving not only safer, but stress free. Besides enhancing the already great styling, they also boost safety: 14 three-position LED dynamic turning lights improve visibility at night, especially on winding roads.

Model S now features a Medical grade HEPA air filtration system, which removes at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from cabin air.

Looking ahead to the future has always been a major factor when it comes to the creation of our products.

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