Accommodating female slang definition

If requested, the independent escort can even provide a tasteful striptease in the privacy of your home or hotel room.We’ve exhausted our resources on finding the most up to date list of escort terminology, please enjoy!In the late nineteenth century, it was common for two unmarried women to share a home.

These relationships became known as “Boston Marriages”. The person posing as an ASP shows up, takes your money, doesn’t provide any services or might offer to “dance” (but more often than not does not), and leaves with the cash, aka dance and dash, ROB.

The word “crone” was (and in some circles still is) a derogatory term for an old woman.

Use accents in a proper name only if the person uses them. Acquaintance Rape - When a victim is attacked by someone he or she has met or been involved with before – i.e. ADA - Acronym for Americans with Disabilities Act, federal civil-rights legislation that deals with discrimination in employment, public accommodation, transportation and telecommunications, on the basis of disability. Affirmative Action - Refers to proactive policies that increase representation of people of color and women in employment, education and business by expanding access and opportunity. African American - Nonwhite person of African descent who lives in the United States. Although not a derogatory term, avoid when possible. HIV is only one of the factors needed for an AIDS diagnosis. Regardless of orientation, anyone can develop AIDS. Asiatic - Derogatory term for Asian or Asian American. Asian American - Person of Asian descent from the United States. Bindi - Hindi name for decoration worn by some Asian women between the eyebrows. Use congenital disability or disability since birth. Short stature - Preferred term instead of little people. Special rights - Derogatory term for civil rights and equal rights. A transsexual may or may not choose to undergo physical alterations, up to and including sex-reassignment surgery, which is the preferred term to sex-change operation. Use the pronoun that matches public appearance and/or that is preferred by the person.

[For PC users: press Ctrl plus ' then release and press desired vowel for an acute accent (e.g., á).] Acculturation - Process of acquiring a second culture. Africa - Use Africa only if related to the continent as a whole. African - Resident of Africa, regardless of race or ethnicity. HIV disease is gaining popularity as an alternate term, but AIDS is still the preferred term. Most Arabs are Muslims, but not all Muslims are Arab (e.g., Iranians are Persian and speak Farsi). Asian - Describes resident of the continent of Asia, regardless or race or ethnicity. See congenital disability, disability, derogatory terms. Do not use dwarf or midget, which are both derogatory terms. Sikhism - Religion founded by Guru Nanak in the 16th century, derived form Hinduism. Although elements of Islam have been incorporated, it is not Islamic. Slang terms - Do not use in except in quotes or if their use adds to the clarity and/or integrity of a written communication. Do not use transsexual as a synonym for transgender. Transvestite - Derogatory term for a transsexual or a transgender person. Tribe - Although not derogatory, avoid except in quotes or a title, or when modified into an adjective (e.g., tribal law).

Originally described people fathered by members of the U. However, this term also may describe any citizen of North, Central or South America. Although not a derogatory term and used by some Native Americans, it is not preferred. Only use specific terminology unless sodomy is in quotes or used in a legal context. Spanglish - Slang combination of Spanish with English.

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