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Do they connect with the backend billing systems or is that another system that the center will need to access? Do you have an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system? The goal of site selection is to identify locations that will deliver sustainability to the call center, long term. Finding them, keeping them and having them close by, is critical to finding the ‘right’ center. Will there be decline in service quality, productivity and accuracy in the existing centers once they know their jobs may be going away? Do we know where to find candidates, how to hire them and what to pay them? Which of the many possible metrics will be the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and why?

How will you keep them working effectively in the center and not looking for or leaving for, other jobs? Unless 100% of the current staff moves to the new center(s) you will need to plan to hire new staff. Once on board how will we train them, coach them and mentor them? If you have a number of small centers today you may not have anyone with the experience, knowledge or skills to manage a much larger and more complicated environment. What is the culture we want to create in our center(s)? How will we construct the operational dashboard and disseminate this information within the center and to the business units the center serves? How will we bring the customer perspective into the center design and management?

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