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Ponatinib has been demonstrated to inhibit all the mutations that have been detected so far, in vitro and in vivo and to uniformly suppress the emerge of single-mutant clones in a mutagenesis assay.

In the Phase II study, 41% of Philadelphia chromosome positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients treated with Ponatinib achieved major hematologic response, 47% had a major cytogenetic response, 38% obtained a complete cytogenetic response, showing that Ponatinib provides significant benefit despite previous intolerance or refractoriness to other TKIs.

The patients who relapse after treatment with one TKI can be rescued to remission with another TKI, but the second remission is usually shorter than the previous one.

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It shall be the mission of the Winnebago County Pretrial Services Unit to provide the courts with an accurate bond report for the purpose of assisting the courts in making those decisions regarding bail that would promote public safety, court appearance, and effective supervision for compliance of those pretrial defendants released on bond.

The goals of the Pretrial Services Unit are to assist the courts in making initial bail release decisions and /or reviewing and amending the conditions of bond release as subsequent hearings and to provide supervision of defendants and assure compliance with conditions of release that have been set by the courts.

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