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The first thing that comes to most people's minds when they think about being dominant in the bedroom is usually whips, leather, and chains.

This is certainly a whole lot of fun when dominating your partner, but it's not always necessary and is actually on the extreme side of domination.

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There are much more subtle and sometimes more powerful ways exert dominance over your partner. Probably the easiest way to introduce a more dominant side of yourself in the bedroom is through new sex positions.

These range from simply saying something subtle to him like, "I really like it when you do things for me," to a bit more assertive language like saying something like, " going to decide when you get to orgasm."But that's just the verbal aspect of being dominant. This might start as something small like giving him some soft, subtle spanks during sex, or on the more extreme end, like insisting on woman-on-top sex positions only or even giving him some very dominant oral sex. Instead of the usual positions like missionary and "doggy-style", where your man is on top and the one in control, try switching to positions where you're on top and calling the shots.

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