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Tyson’s landlord had called police and told them that he suffered from mental illness, and was naked on his balcony and reportedly talking to the air and to a tree.Officers arrived to Tyson’s home to find him wearing a robe.Ah San Diego..a fantastic city with nearly year-round perfect weather, and easy going friendly people.

Padres fans are much like Angels fans, very mellow. There is a great kids' area where the young fans can play in the sand box just outside the outfield fence or play wiffle ball on the mini diamond in the park.

It is very safe to attend these games as a visiting fan wearing your team's gear.

In fact, this was where I brought my daughter for her first MLB game. It is always a really cool treat to see the Padres honor the military and wear their camo uniforms.

The surrounding area is full of shops, restaurants, hotels, and bars.

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