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Be Strong is an empowerment club based at Dublin High School dedicated to empowering youth to be fearless leaders in their lives, schools, and communities.It provides a safe and supportive space for high school students to develop key skills needed for success, and discuss essential issues like teen dating violence, gender norms, and body image issues.

But with that world can come dangers: perils that are brought about, unfortunately, by people you’re romantically or intimately involved with. Bullying describes unwanted aggressive behavior with the intention to cause harm.

Dating violence includes stalking, assault, battery, cyber-bullying, excessive texting, verbal abuse, and rape.

Third, if standards of beauty are arbitrary and infinitely variable, they can be easily changed.

Two movements in the 20 century seemed to lend scientific support for these views. If the content of human character was built through experienced contingencies of reinforcement during development, those contingencies must have created standards of attractiveness.

History revealed signs of neuropathy with ascending pain and numbness in his legs starting at least 3–4 weeks (but not 1,047 mg/L).

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