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Depending on your current subscription plan, Sky will handpick new box sets, sport highlights, kids’ favourites or the latest movies from Sky Cinema.

Top Picks will be updated regularly and will include on-demand and linear programmes.

Warning two – even if you do know what you are doing, make a note of the existing settings before changing anything.

The installer menu can be acccessed by the following button presses: Home * Station-Details * My-Antennas * QTH * Radio-Contacts * Links-Page * My Latest Projects * My Antennas * Latest-20m-Analogue-Images * World-SSTV-Cams * Digital 80m-SSTV Live * Digital 20m-SSTV Live * KG-STV Live * KG-STV-Tech-Info * World Digital SSTV Cams * Digital SSTV Europe * Digital SSTV USA Canada * Digital SSTV Australasia * SSTV Repeater * Other Digital Modes Free DV * SSTV-Cams-Europe * SSTV-Cams-Australasia * SSTV-Cams-USA * SSTV-Modes-Info * Webring-Cams * Join-Webring * Slant-problems?

It will also take quite a few hours to reach max milestone so it's easiest to leave the game running overnight to complete it right away. I endured many "extreme" planets for long periods of time and still can't progress. It can't be a planet that has a storm for example and then the extreme warning pops up. If you leave the planet, it resets (you can fly(timer pauses), just don't go into orbit). The survival milestones reset anytime you enter your ship or leave a planet.

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