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But Amy is unaware that a sadistic killer is watching – a killer who’s been using the internet to stalk, torture and kill.Now he’s got something very special planned for Amy and she is about to find out that romance really is dead.A terrifying novel about internet dating, secret desires and a chilling serial killer. He knows where you are right now…When Amy receives an email from her older sister, Becky, announcing that she's off travelling and "don't try to find me", she is worried. Amy – who is recovering from an abusive relationship that has left her terrified of love – soon finds that Becky had started using online dating sites.

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was a slow ballad that made the ladies swoon and love what he was saying.

The song is about doing everything it takes until your woman knows that you think she’s the one.

It was a lovely thing,' said Julia of her friendship with Princess Diana (pictured in the Royal Box at Wimbledon in 1994)I have known Julia for several years.

We have worked together on various projects and she has always been that rare thing in an interviewee: someone devoid of grandeur and genuinely more interested in others than she is in herself.

The assumption many initially make – me included – is that the spur for her work might be the tragic loss, hidden in her past, of a child of her own.

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