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she is crying out to Him to give her something to live for!

''save me from the nothing i've become'' she has spent her life following the desires of the world and now realises that they dont satisfy.

Despite the positive effects of popular TV series such as Big Love, the Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon,” Jon Huntsman’s and Mitt Romney’s presidential bids, and a national public relations campaign, concerns have grown among Mormons about those who grow up and leave the church, as well as the inability to control information about LDS history (e.g., that Joseph Smith was a polygamist and defended this practice as divinely mandated).

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In San Francisco, adult Jedi demonstrate advanced light-saber fighting skills.

Exactly how much Jedi-based social production does it take to constitute a “religious movement,” anyway?

Let me illustrate it to you like this: often we go to funerals from time to time, and someone in any given church might say to you: 'Well, the man here, he's Evangelical' - but when he gets up to preach, especially in a funeral situation, you realise: well, he might be Evangelical, but he's not being evangelistic.

As he preaches the message, he is not seeking to win souls.

O Lord, we need to be moved, we need to be challenged, we need to be revived - and so we ask: Lord, come, meet with us now. I've taken for my title tonight 'When Hell Freezes Over'.

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