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On the evenings CCTV1 proposes well balanced news and entertainment programming: Evening News and Starry Night Theatre.

Besides abovementioned CCTV1 features lots of other TV shows and live broadcasts: New Year Festival, Spring Festival Evening Bridal, The Ministry of Culture Spring Gala Festival, Qu Yuan Tan, Moving China Awards, Party Lantern, 315 Party, Army Day August Evening, Mid-Autumn Evening, etc.

We specialize in documenting all Mitchell reels made in France from 1939 to 1989.

Now after 75 years, these are considered to be the best vintage fishing and collectible reels in the world!

of Mitchell Reels and the company who started it all, Carpano & Pons as well as Garcia, Arca, Albatros, Balzer, Milbro and many others who made it happen!

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