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In fact, one of the most overlooked aspects of growing are the phases of the moon - gardening with them in mind can have significant effects on your end product.

In order to grow the best crops possible, you will have to look at the moon with different eyes.

The rental car pickup took longer then my flight from Atlanta.

I waited over 30 minutes for shuttle from the airport to the Thrifty location (Charleston, SC) - it never showed. I asked how frequently it runs - the lady said "regularly". Five stars for the Uber - showed up in it took an hour from point of getting to the office from the airport until leaving with the car at midnight - there was only one other person ahead of me - we sat there looking at each other for an hour wondering where the two employees were.

After a long day of traveling to get to Charleston (from the west coast) we were eager to get to our destination. Kayak should specify that this rental location is NOT at the airport.

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