Bravo dating show sedating a cat

Bravo executive vp digital Lisa Hsia tells that the goal is to keep the audience interacting with the series even after an episode airs.

"If we are able to take a one-hour show and really make it a weeklong experience, where people want to engage throughout the week, I don't think that's really been done in television before," she says.

Bravo has rolled out an online hub forwhere the audience can interact with the series throughout the week.

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Also, drinking champagne in the back of limousines, because above all else, this is a Bravo dating show.

Though does not premier until March, the preview offers a taste of the incisive social commentary to come.

A television production company representative came before Isle of Palms City Council Tuesday to ask permission to film on the island for a show about finding love. City council’s vote at the special meeting ended in a tie, 4 to 4, which meant the motion to grant the request to film on the island failed.

The trouble was the still-in-the-works Bravo show’s ties to Southern Charm, another Bravo reality TV show centered on a group of Charleston socialites.“Saying that it has anything at all to do, in any way shape or form or 1 percent, with Southern Charm makes it a negative as far as I'm concerned,” said Council Member Barbara Bergwerf.

Members of council also had concerns about whether the mood of the show would line up with the image the city aims to convey.“We pride ourselves on being a family-oriented beach,” Mayor Dick Cronin told Halpert.

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