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Cosmetically the paint is poor, the seats are shitty, the suspension makes horrible noises.

At any speeds above 55 a j-hoopidy complains like a jewish mother who just payed .50 to see The Passion of the Christ.

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Were known it’s people are logging on, and meeting plenty of white.

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Don’t get stressed out about having to detach that awkward lobster claw clasp on your necklace in the heat of the moment.

Frances says it’s totally normal to leave your jewelry on while everything else comes off.

While standing front and center in front of a sexual partner and slowly removing your clothes might sound like a nightmare come to life, it can actually be super sexy and empowering under the right circumstances (read: a soundtrack that makes you feel sexy AF and good lighting.) Here, Jacqueline Frances (aka Jacq the Stripper), a stripper, illustrator, writer, and comedian, shares her best tips for beginners who want to tap into their inner performers.“Stripping is a feast for the eyes,” Frances explains.

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