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Editing features include undo, trim and clip re-ordering.The website became the Vine Archive – a time capsule of all Vines that were created through the Vine app so you can continue to browse them.The archive does not support any of the community features from Vine such as followers, revines, likes, or comments.

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In January 2017, The Vine app became the Vine Camera.

The Vine Camera has no login or community features, but allows you to continue to make 6.5 second looping videos (Vines).

This means that the prospect of leaving work earlier is motivation for an employee to perform to higher maximum potential. Avoiding meetings: It's said that meetings are one of the biggest detriments to productivity , mainly because they can be too long, lack clear purpose and leave too much room for employee distraction.

How beneficial is this concept The idea of Leave The Office Earlier Day is to emphasize one's productivity, and not time, some thing that has come about with the advent of capitalization, globalization and outsourcing, says Ramadhar Singh, professor of organizational behaviour and human resoiour and human resources management. Try and accomplish the same goals or tasks via e mail , phone or web-based meetings.

So basically any stranger with a little know-how can get access to your most intimate moments, and you’d have no way of realizing it.

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