Changes in dating

When you are home your parents tell you who you can see, where you can go, and what time to be back.

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Changes in dating

And to see the object of his affection at home meant the young man had to prove himself before entering her house. These days, a young man doesn’t have to go through the long tension of the girl’s father’s eyes piercing into his soul trying to find the slightest fault in him — not to mention the thousand questions he’d ask: The list can go on and on…

Parents aren’t included as much as before — dating now is more autonomous, independent, and liberated.

When you were it high school it was about kissing behind the bleachers at the football field, or holding hands in front of your friends, eating lunch together, and hanging out after school.

When you go to college the whole world of dating seems to spin and turn upside down.

All of a sudden you have the right to do whatever you want, whether it’s dating the guy down the hall or going to the movies on a Tuesday night.

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