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We are also introduced to The Seer who has an evil agenda of her own.

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He then hacked AVI directly, using it to get information that allowed him to attend Seth Hamilton's launch party for his new technology, which would make billions.

Before he could do so, unbeknownst to him, Alice figured out what he would be doing and had Sophie program the flash drive, which Ben stole from Seth Hamilton, to hack Ben and Margot and drain all their accounts, leaving them unable to make a payment to their benefactor.

The second half of the season finds Cole fighting once again with an evil inside him, only this time it is The Source.

Although he plans to rebuild the underworld and destroy The Charmed Ones, the human inside plots to convert Phoebe and have her rule by his side as his Queen.

Most of the first half of the season sees Piper and Phoebe coping with their sister's death, learning to accept Paige and teach her in the ways of witchcraft.

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