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A serious sex crime in Texas and throughout the United States is online solicitation of a minor.

Such a charge involves persons who commit sexual abuse of minors starting with contact on the Internet via email, instant messaging, social media or some other avenue.

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Given the genetic overlap alluded to by the 98.5% question in the headers for this site, do you think the genes that give rise to this behavior in bonobos might somehow be present in humans and so give rise to what we commonly consider to be deviant behavior?

” —David in Cambridge, England, is a freelance science journalist.

These sometimes include arguable unconstitutional police “sting” operations to snare alleged perpetrators in a widely cast net.

Online, a police officer can present himself or herself fictitiously as a minor under 17.

The cast consists of three human characters and eleven puppet characters who interact as if human, Sesame Street-style.

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