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Walk me through the steps of how one observes, then proves, this. Mireya: The mouse lemur discovery was like many, if not most, scientific discoveries, an accident.

For years, I had been traveling throughout Madagascar studying the behavior and genetics of the larger lemurs, several of which had never been the focus of any scientific investigation. Edward Louis and I were conducting a survey and genetic investigation in Marojejy National Park in northeastern Madagascar on one of the most endangered primates on earth, , also known as the Silky Sifaka.

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After several years of working on developing genetic markers with a team of scientists and comparing it to other known species, we were at long last able to confirm and name as a new species.

Darlene: You write in your book, "I had proof positive of this mouse lemur's existence, I had to take steps to make sure it continued to exist." Why did you take that on?

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