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Every woman – whether single or married – will be enlightened by this interview.Marsha Du Cille: Lauren, I’m going to start with you. [everyone laughs] MD: I read a very interesting article that featured an interview with Chris. Lauren Tomlin: [she laughs] MD: Chris shared that, while you were dating, you basically said to him, “” So, we dated for a season, but it got to a point where I thought there was a wall.

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The upbeat "Boundary Lines" is sure to become a youth standard as it has a bouncy beat and a liveliness to it.

While being danceable, the musical flow doesn't sacrifice the message of God's love one bit.

In 2012 alone, Chris’ songs were performed more than 3 million times in churches around the world – making him, arguably, the most impactful worship leader of our time.

Some of his greatest hits include “How Great is Our God,” “Forever,” “Holy is the Lord,” “We Fall Down,” and “Indescribable.” Every age group, ethnicity, and denomination has used Chris’ music to heal their brokenness, and draw closer to God After chatting with Grammy Award winner Chris Tomlin and his wife, Lauren, I was pleasantly surprised.

In August of 2011, when I was just starting my junior year of high school, I wrote a post for Project Inspired about my choice to wait to date until after high school. I’ve remained single throughout high school and couldn’t recommend it more!

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