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No calling in life is tougher or more important than our calling as parents.

Because of that, we've created numerous courses on how to raise our children with faith and wisdom. Fighting for Your Prodigal Child This four-session course will encourage you as you fight the heart-wrenching spiritual battle for your child.

When this technique is chosen: If there is something they can do to get the privilege(s) reinstated sooner, that should also be clearly explained.

I pray that this list will help you to address the things our young people wrestle with the most. What questions have you seen recurring as you work with young adults?

“In school, kids are always trying to fit in with the crowd.

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If you are a parent or youth worker, this list might help you get into their heads. Thankfully, God’s Word has answers to every issue—and it’s up to us to apply His truth and make it come alive.

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