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You would think giving someone a simple present wouldn’t be a complicated affair. Aside from the obvious musts—mom, dad, siblings—how do you determine what family members get a gift over the holidays?But during the holidays, the gesture of gifting can be tricky. “My family is so big, we usually limit gifts to immediate members, and then do a Secret Santa exchange with our extended family,” shares one writer.Unfortunately this sometimes results in buying fabulous, unique items for people I don’t even like, and dumping defeatist gift certificates on loved ones who are hard to shop for.

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It takes the pressure off the table.”Most of the staff said they no longer exchange gifts with friends.

“It was something I used to do back when I was in college,” says one editor.

But still problematic if he shows up empty-handed or (worse) with a cheap, thoughtless, last-minute chocolate orange from the drugstore.

Part of me loves the idea of giving him the cool, expensive engine kit, because I totally relate to shopping for The Perfect Gift.

What if she gets you a nice, thoughtful gift and you have nothing for her?

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