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Miles are also wasted for low-value redemptions and expensive “Standard” awards designed by the airlines to reclaim your hard-earned mileage currency. Use your miles only for “Saver” awards that would otherwise cost a lot of money. The basic goals of award redemptions are a) always consider partner airlines when redeeming miles, and b) always try to get the best possible value for your miles.

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Additionally, there are several other airlines that aren’t part of a particular alliance necessarily, but have partnerships with each other, or with other airlines – even those in the main alliances.

We’ll talk more about each program and their partners later in the series (and every day on the blog), so for now the important take-away is that regardless of what miles you have, you likely have many more options for redeeming your miles than you may have thought.

Once we combine programs, here’s how we’ll match elite status levels in the Dividend Miles program to the AAdvantage program: If I have an AAdvantage account and a Dividend Miles account, will you combine my 2014 elite-qualification activity to determine my new elite status level?

What about my year-to-date 2015 elite qualification activity as of the date the programs are combined?

Though American and US Airways are now one combined company and we’re making changes to better align the experience between carriers, it’s important to note that we’ll be running two separate airlines for quite some time until full integration.

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