Cote de pablo dating married

“Di Nozzo loses a love, gains a child,” said Laura San Gicacoma’s psychiatrist character Dr. The unexpected twist not only gave de Pablo’s Ziva a sort of spiritual presence in what was the final episode of original cast member Weatherly (de Pablo was shown in flashbacks throughout the episode, in keeping with the actress’ recent disclosure that she wouldn’t be returning for new scenes).But it also gave new dad Di Nozzo a credible reason for leaving his job as NCIS’s perennial No. “I’m everything to that little girl now,” Di Nozzo told boss Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon), just before resigning his job to take little Tali to Israel (for answers) and then maybe Paris (for fun).

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After a year of their love affair, they got married on Sep 30, 2009.

They together have a son and a daughter named Liam Weatherly and Olivia Weatherly.

After dating each other for over two years, they got engaged in 2001, but they failed to keep their relationship longer and they separated in 2003.

Before his engagement, he dated the beautiful models Vanessa Marra and Rachel Hunter for a year. He started dating the Serbian writer, Bojana Jankovic back in mid-2008.

Lauren played Director Shepard for almost three years before eventually being murdered as well.8.

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