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Dating a sugar daddy advice

For some Sugar Daddies, having a few Sugar Babies at one time is the epitome of Sugar Success. Read more 13 Comments It’s about time to consider upgrading your Sugar Baby account to have access to several additional features which enhance your search for the perfect Sugar Daddy.

Standard Sugar Babies will not be able to view Premium Sugar Daddies on the …

I am not judging the man at all, but seeing him got me thinking about the sugar daddy relationship, more specifically, whether or not it can really work. She's got a lot of energy She makes him feel young. But even with all these positives, I do think there is a side of a man dating a much younger women, who at some point thinks to himself, "What the hell am I doing? Does he need me -- a 50 year old woman to tell him I approve? If a sugar daddy and his young girlfriend are having fun, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

First, what is the sugar daddy's attraction to young women? Deep down, he doesn't want anything serious, so she is perfect for him. " Case in point -- I received this message from a reader: Now, why would this guy reach out and ask about the downside if he is saying "We both enjoy the relationship? If no one is getting hurt and if there are no false expectations on either part, then I think it's great. But to answer my reader's question, "What's the downside? The guy realizes he wants someone to grow old (older) with. The girl realizes she wants babies and starts pressuring the guy (or breaks up). The guy doesn't have the energy the girl does and gets tired of clubbing it until am on Saturday nights. They realize the relationship is not ever going to be as deep as they want it to be.

" in my opinion, deep down, he knows, but I'll say it anyway. It's sad because when any relationship ends, despite the age difference, it hurts, simply because you have spent a large amount of time for someone and you care about that person.

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