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Researchers Brumbaugh and Fraley define rebound relationship as: “A relationship that is initiated shortly after a romantic breakup—before the feelings about the former relationship have been resolved.”(1) Studies indicate that while some rebound relationships can be successful, others may be detrimental and harmful, both to the rebounding person and the new partner.(2)(3)(4)(5) Possible negative dynamics and consequences of an unhealthy rebound relationship may include: Below are seven signs you may be in an unhealthy rebound relationship, with references to my book (click on title): “How to Get Over a Breakup – Keys to Healing and Happiness Again”. Although this article is intended for the benefit of both the rebound individual and the new partner, the information below will focus on the experience of the rebounding person. Is what makes it a rebound just the fact that one is trying to prove to themselves they are ok and their ex was wrong about them and they more or less use that other person to feel better about them self. I feel very blessed that by the grace of God and with His help I've made choices that have been helpful, not hurtful.

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I am just one person responsible for two human beings. “We’ve all watched you over the past few years be so strong and amazing,” Kirsten said.

“But I said to myself, ‘I hope this girl can find time to process it all.

When you start a new relationship shortly after going through a breakup, you are likely dating on the rebound.

If your spouse was the one who announced that he or she wanted a divorce, then it is a tremendous blow to your ego.

My mom, who adores my kids second only to their parents.

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