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Again I was impressed by thoughtfulness of the Turkish people.On our way to the metochion, my taxi driver called the metochion and I was met on a street by Oleg, a Turkish-speaking parishioner.

I posted a response to the letters to the editor, online comments, and critical blogs that defended certain aspects of a particular clerical lifestyle.

One of the things I mentioned was that while a lot of the loudest public voices had reacted defensively to my October column in , I received dozens of private messages from lay women and men, priests, seminarians, diocesan employees, and others whose personal experiences resonated with the piece.

This week Professor Pat Mc Namara wrote an essay about his personal experience of the culture of clericalism at a major US seminary, which has circulated privately on Facebook and elsewhere. Mc Namara if he would be willing to share this as a guest post on my blog. I believe this reflection offers another important perspective that has not yet been made as public as the defensive voices.

I also know, from personal correspondence and discussion with other seminary professors (both lay and ordained), that Prof.

Mary's Seminary and University Adjunct Professor at the Seminary and on the Facultyof the Ecumenical Institute of Theology.1995-1996The Distinguished Lecturer in Religious and Moral Education for 1995-19961986 - Present St. “Identity and Continuity: The Armenian Tradition,” in Christian Tradition: A Brief History. Invited Author and Speaker, The Virginia Festival of the Book, Charlottesville, Virginia, March 26, 2008.

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