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Humanity’s sin brought God’s wrath because in it, we chose the dominion of Satan and rebellion against God.

If you go into the average, orthodox Evangelical Church on a given Sunday and ask the question, “What did Jesus accomplish by dying on the cross?

” the answer would look something like this: humanity’s fall placed us under the wrath of God so Christ saved us from that wrath by paying our penalty through his death. There are certainly verses which support the main thrust of the argument. The teaching of the Early Church is that Christ’s death on the cross was a multi-faceted event.

I, myself, didn’t discover so influential a work as Athansius’ until after my first year of undergraduate work (and even then, it was an accidental discovery at a used bookstore).

One area largely abandoned post-Reformation has been the Early Church’s teaching on the theology of the Atonement.

Secular subjects such as these were very rarely illustrated in Anglo-Saxon texts, so the existence of three such copies of the begins without preface or explanation, with a description of an area near Babylon, called Antimolima; we are told of this place that ‘there are rams born there as big as oxen.’* This opening section is typical of the .

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