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“I looked at my mother one day and said, ‘Mom, I’m gonna get on this tour bus for eight months and see the world and have a crazy journey and find myself, and if people aren’t OK with that, I’m sorry, but I can’t live my life for other people,'” she further explained.Despite her confidence in her choice to pursue the relationship — which resulted in an engagement in 2010 — Wood revealed she did receive a lot of negative attention for dating Manson.

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During the period of romance, the pair was head over heels in love with each other making them go for piercing their name’s initial tattoo as a symbol of love for each other.

Caption: Tattoo of Evan on the left and Jamie on the right.

Evan Rachel Wood was raped twice, she revealed in a new interview. By a significant other while we were together,” the “Westworld” star recently told Rolling Stone.

“And on a separate occasion, by the owner of a bar …

I don’t believe we live in a time where people can stay silent any longer.

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