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It would be great to hear from anyone who thinks they can help or just give me some advice.

I am hoping to use this forum much more now as I have found it so useful so far!

Chet15 I don't think there were any stainless MK-Is made. If this gun was made in 1974 and it's Stainless, then it's a one of a kind. Thanks for the input, that is what I thought too, but when I checked the # against the list on Ruger site it actually came out as 1973 (not 4 as I previously thought) I may need to check one of the other sites and see if anyone can shed light on it.

The only Stainless Standard model was the Bill Ruger Stainless Signature Model Mod. Yes, 1974 was the first year for several stainless handgun models...

At Last by Etta James Many songs about new love are about a first love, but this song seems to speak more to those who have had some bad relationships in the past and have finally found the one they were waiting for.

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