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However, there are some people out there who are flat-out cheapskates, and they cut corners in every which-way possible.If you’re dating a guy who seems to be bordering the line between frugal and cheap, despite the fact that he has a decent-paying job, there are some definite signs that he is one or the other.

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If I offer to treat -- like buying tickets to a Broadway show -- he takes me up on it.

If it's like that now what will be when we're married?

Only about 1/20,000th of the US population has read that particular article so far, but once they do, our country’s desire to show off by making unnecessary purchases will be cured. But that still leaves the issue of cheapness to be dealt with. What about the new reality TV series that a reader forwarded to me called “” ?

Since you’re probably too busy to watch the actual video, I’ll give you the executive summary: In the linked episode, an unfortunate-looking man with really bad hair is profiled in his various money-saving adventures around town: scraping food off of the plates of other restaurant diners, asking for extra ketchup packets so he can refill his ketchup containers at home, and washing and reusing paper napkins, which he leaves hanging all over his kitchen.

If the value doesn't increase, I get nothing, even though I'd be paying half toward the mortgage and upkeep of the house. Can you give a general guideline of what works in second marriages so nobody is resentful? Can I expect to get used to this and not feel hurt and lose respect? The question for you is -- is he generous enough to you in other ways to make you feel cherished and cared for?

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