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Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman spent her childhood surrounded by baby dollsso it was jadame natural for her to start her own doll production company.

Beatrice was a young wife and mother in her early 20's when WWI broke out, throwing Europe into chaos and playing havoc with the U.

This timely invention was a sensation, and the doll shop was saved.

Some of Madame Alexander’s first creations were dolls representing popular characters, such as Alice in Wonderland, Little Women, and the Three Little Pigs.

She produced the first doll based on a licensed character (Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind), and she was the first doll manufacturer to make dolls based on living people (she created composition dolls representing the Dionne Quintuplets and a young Queen Elizabeth when she was still a Princess).1950 Alexander Cinderella doll, Alexander Prince Charming doll, 14 or 18" tall, all hard plastic jointed body, both used the Margaret face mold, sleep eyes, closed mouth, wigged (her's is a fancy floss wig.

Founder Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman grew up surrounded by dolls.

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