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Fairchild was excited to see where Aladdin had lived, where Sinbad had been.” In 1900, the USDA sent plant explorer, Walter Swingle, was sent to Algeria to study the date.

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In the month leading up to it, she even gave up alcohol and went vegan to get in shape for the debauchery to come.

“Everything’s about Coachella,” says Mirmelli, who started going to the desert festival after needing to cut loose following her divorce six years ago. “[Getting ready for it] doesn’t have to be a full-time job,” she says.

These men introduced exotic specimens like the mango, the avocado, new varieties of sweet juicy oranges, and dates.“These Agricultural Explorers were kind of like the Indiana Jones of the plant world,” says Sarah Seekatz, a California historian, who grew up in the Coachella Valley, the date capital of the United States.“One of their star explorers, Frank Meyer, who is responsible for introducing the Meyer lemon, disappeared off a boat in the Yangtze River,” says Seekatz.

“ He lost his life searching for plants for the USDA.”The Agricultural Explorer program was started by David Fairchild, who was one of the first to travel to Bagdad to investigate dates.

overall, coachella is safe, there's police everywhere and you can keep in close communication via cell/txt in case she wonders off. I'll take my daughter to the 20 year anniversary (if it's still around).

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