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Instead, plan out a really tasty home cooked meal you can make together. Then you can watch a movie for free using a computer silly. It gets the blood pumping, puts you in close contact and if all goes well it will be unforgettable. You never know, it could become a thing and you might be one of those couples who dance together. Don’t get super sweaty, but don’t be afraid of it either.The screen won’t be so big and it’ll just be the two of you without all the buttery popcorn getting in the way (unless that’s what you decide to cook! Just have some clothes to change into and make sure they have some as well.So yes, that moonlit fancy and expensive dinner may have been a blast for the evening, but neglecting bills can have long-lasting and very stressful effects. A budget gives you control over your money, which is much better than your money controlling you.

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But one difficulty that we all face when in college is that you cannot splurge because you are on a budget.

And if at all you've got any extra cash, you'd rather spend it on the other ‘important' things (partying, junk food, and more) and NOT your first date.

Many theatres today sell tickets at dirt cheap prices because there's hardly anyone who watches movies in theatres on a Wednesday morning. Take your date hiking to a scenic place around your city and, on your way, pour your heart out to him/her.

There's nothing better than bonding with each other over a long, long walk.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to keep to your budget when out on a date, and we’ll even throw in some low-cost dating ideas to get you started.

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