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She's high class, like a princess on an ivory tower. Soammiga: An heiress of a billionaire and Sattawat's girlfriend, she is famous in the celeb circle as a player.

Satawat: A doctor with a very simple life, he returns from abroad from his medical studies.

He is so different from Anusaniya, like the sky vs. When they marry Anusaniya looks down on him, but he'll win her heart. Anusaniya: A hi-so businesswoman and an heiress of a billionaire.

The city is very much a work-in-progress, with a rapidly growing skyline and new buildings sprouting up almost like mushrooms.

For most visitors, Doha is synonymous with Qatar, as the vast majority of the country's population resides in the capital city.

Satawat's mother owes a lot of money to Anusaniya's company and in order to erase the debt, Satawat's mother and Anusaniya's aunt cook up a plan to marry Satawat and Anusaniya to each other to get rid of the debt.

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