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A stroll through the city––its countless motorbikes zipping around, street food invading your senses on every corner, and life happening around you at a rapid pace––is magical.It may seem intimidating at first, but Saigon will slowly embrace you with warm arms; one day strolling its alleys soaking in the sights of a wet market, and the next admiring the remnants of French colonial architecture.

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Distance from the Caravelle Saigon - 100 metres The Hotel de Ville or City Hall, has been the centre of government in Saigon since it was inaugurated by the French in 1909.

Known as the People’s Committee building since 1975, it’s a strikingly ornate piece of architecture, and the most photographed building in the city.

In the last days of the Vietnam War, 17-year-old Kim is forced to work in a Saigon bar run by a notorious character known as the Engineer.

There, she meets and falls in love with an American G. named Chris, but they are torn apart by the fall of Saigon.

Commonly referred to as Saigon, it’s these two sides of the spectrum that make exploring this city so rich and full of flavor.

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