Dating single parants

Siobhan Freegard, founder of Channel Mum, told The Huffington Post UK: “Dating as a newly-single parent can be daunting, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting too.Being a solo mum or dad shows you can handle anything life throws at you and that can make you a very attractive to a potential partner.”For many parents re-entering the dating scene, it can feel intimidating that you might meet people who see a child as extra emotional baggage that they aren’t willing to take on, but don’t put yourself down or settle for less.But if you're up to the challenge, it could be the best thing to happen to your love life.

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Out of the box date ideas create some really fun and memorable moments.

On the other hand, there will be times when a single parent wants to have quiet time with another adult, so it's a win-win.

, has been there, done that, remarried, and lived to write a book about the tale.

She shared with some of her best advice when it comes to restarting in the dating world after divorce, and why having a "tribe" is not only important for surviving single parenting, but for surviving single parent 1.

"Time with friends, time spent on activities that don't include kids or work, and time alone are all important." If you don't have time for these, your schedule may be too busy to fit dating in -- for now.

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