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They want to see if there are interesting guys around, but that’s it (for now).

Don’t be a looker, show you don’t take yourself too seriously.

While I put this fact out there as blunt as possible, there are several techniques we can use to make website downloads and image theft much harder.

Of course, image theft can be defined in a number of ways, and its definition - and hence measures (if any) taken to prevent it - will depend upon the individual.

A few of the techniques mentioned in this article are directed more towards web designers (these tips are marked with an *), but several can be used on photo sharing website's such as smugmug, flickr, pbase, and webshots. Image theft is the unauthorized use of an image, photograph, drawing, or illustration. 1) Image Protection with a Watermark: The most common, and possibly strongest, image protection technique is to place a visual copyright watermark on the image.

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