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When you request other's contact information, your name and email is kept private until they have accepted your request. After completing your profile, you will receive an email with your Profile ID and password, and other membership details.

You can also create a profile for a relative after obtaining his or her permission.

Finding a person on Shiamatch is just the first step towards choosing a marriage partner. To contact other members on Shiamatch, YOU MUST FIRST create an online profile.

From that point on, you may contact each other directly. Shiamatch will keep your Name and Email address private. Click on the "Add Your Profile" button in the top menu.

Name and email information will be passed on to other members only after you have accepted their request. Shia Match is 100% free for residents of all countries except for men residing in USA, UK or Canada. Membership costs for men residing in US, UK, or Canada are $10 for one month or $25 for six months (58% discount). You will be required to enter your profile details.

Getz Pharma uses mainly German equipment to produce medicines and pharmaceuticals in Karachi - for the Pakistani Market as well as for exporting.

CG Rainer Schmiedchen and his team members together with Ines Chabbi, Secretary General of the German-Pakistani Chamber of Commerce and Industry visited Getz Pharma.

My first language is English, but I have Pakistani friends whose English is so well spoken that they make my musings sound like the workings of an epileptic monkey at a typewriter.

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