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The case will be heard in Oslo - but the eyes of the world will be watching.

Already, statements of solidarity and offers of help have come from around the world, including from scientists, lawyers and activists who themselves have incredible stories about battling the oil industry at the front lines.

Its a slap in the face to your good operators every time a new hire comes in and you must train them to be your boss.

And no, just no, there is not a need for the program, and yes, just yes, they are taking good positions away from experienced operators.

A new wave of oil drilling threatens the Arctic - but today saw the start of the fight back. As the Arctic melts, oil companies are moving in to drill for more oil.

This morning a lawsuit was filed that could stop the expansion of this reckless industry northwards - but we need your help. Next year, the Norwegian owned oil company Statoil will drill further north than ever - unless we stop them.

Experience the challenges, rewards and opportunity of working for one of the worlds largest providers of products and services to the global energy industry. As the Down-Hole Tool Shop Supervisor, you will organize and coordinate activities surrounding the repair and maintenance of down-hole, electronic and surface equipment for our Sperry Drilling Services division.

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