Dating vintage zildjian cymbals

Zildjiansback when old man Avedis translated the feedback of top drummers such as Gene Krupa and Jo Jones into thinner, lighter more responsive instruments, and helped usher in a modern style of cymbal that could accommodate the emerging timekeeping styles of big band, bebop, blues and R&B players. However, Armand Zildjian himself, in noting how drummers such as Gene Krupa and Jo Jones encouraged his father to make thinner cymbals, bemoaned how the world has stepped up to a thicker cymbal, which in my mind is not as pretty.

Which is why if youre a drummer like me, who has been pining away for a taste of that Quincy jazz grandeur, your search may have just ended, because in a fitting affirmation of definitive A.

Early 70s - missing 3 dots, thin Zildjian font, USA with periods and small Co (1 cymbal)So then today, I see these hi hats on e Bay which have the hollow ink logo with the thin Zildjian font, USA with periods and small Co but *also* have the 3 dots which doesn't match any of the cymbals that I have! EDIT: The e Bay cymbals you linked are certainly unusual, if everything is legit. Coelacanth, For those of us looking for later era inexpensive Zildjians, I was looking at creating my own personal 70s and 80s Zildjian stamp/logo timeline.

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is an American cymbal manufacturer founded in Constantinople (present-day Istanbul, Turkey) by Armenian Avedis Zildjian in the 17th century. Being nearly 400 years old, Zildjian is one of the oldest companies in the world.

Zildjian also sells drum-related accessories, such as drum sticks and cymbal carriers.

I have a number of 70s and 80s Zildjian cymbals including 3 hollow logo ones and thought that I had a decent idea of the stamps and logos and a rough idea of the time frames they were made.

Here are some pictures of the stamps and how many of each type that I have.

Bought in 2011, has not been played much over that time. - 5 Piece TAMA Superstar Drum Kit/Toms 10" 12" 14"/Snare 14" - 4 Tama Cymbal Stands and 1 Non-Manufacture Stand - Paiste 802 18" China, Paiste 402 16" Crash, Zildjian ZBT 16" Crash, Zildjian ZBT 20" Ride and Zildjian ZBT 14" Hi-Hats - Zildjian Cymbal Bag (All Cymbols Fit Inside) - Mapex Drum Stool/Throne - Tama Single Kick Pedal - 2x Pair of Stic This Drumcraft M8 22" Maple 6pce Drum Kit (Cardiac Burst) is part of the flagship Drumcraft line.

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