Dating wagner ware sidney

Wagner and Wagner Ware (did you know there was a difference?

) seem to get less respect and I think that's both good and bad.

No pie logo skillet, however, is known without a 4-digit catalog number, which is presumed to have been first used by Wagner ca. And, with the exception of a few very large sizes, pie logo skillets are of the smooth bottom design generally dated from after 1930.

Indian Head Logo (1903-1926) Wapak Arc (1903-1910) Wapak "Chickenfoot" P (1903-1910) Wapak Block (1903-1910) Wapak "Z" Logo (1903-1926) Wapak Tapered (1912-1926) Oneta Block by Wapak (1912-1926) All date ranges are best estimates of when a particular TM was produced, and do not necessarily denote the beginning and/or end of production of that TM.

It is good because as users of old cast iron we get to buy some superb pieces for a lot less money than a comparable Griswold.

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