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This is especially true in Hos 3:1 because raisin cakes were often offered to idols. During the past several years since I have been involved in the Bible version discussion I have come into contact with many Bible believers and with many whom I refer to as “Bible Agnostics”.

The Bible believers are those who believe God has been faithful and true to His promises to preserve His words in “the book of the LORD” (Isaiah ) and that He did not lie nor exaggerate when the Lord Jesus Christ said “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” (Matthew ) We believe all the evidence points to the Authorized King James Holy Bible as being this Book.

Here is a paper on the subject which I wrote which may be of interest; published (June 2012) in the latest issue of Ancient American. We secured horse bones for dating, some directly from the field.

About twelve years ago, I began a project to seek horse bones from sites in North America and Mesoamerica for the purpose of radiocarbon dating. Wade Miller of the BYU Department of Geology, archaeologists Joaquin Arroyo-Cabrales and Shelby Saberon, and Patricia M. My special thanks to FARMS and ISPART who funded much of the project in years past.

It is my desire and prayer that God will be pleased to open the spiritual eyes of more of His people to the truth of where His inspired and preserved words are found today and have been for more than 400 years now - in the English text of the King James Holy Bible. start off their very long article with their Introductory notes.

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