Definition of online dating terms

That girl you bumped into and said no words but simply smiled because you were too shy to speak, that was networking.When you went to the bar and listened to another patron tell you his life story, that was networking as well. This is why we call Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on social networking.This may sound cowardly, but depending on circumstance (i.e.

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A networking conference is simply a location where like-minded gather and meet each other.

They may engage in simple conversation and banter which can result to contact information be swapped, various new business deals, collaborations, simple friendships, and much more. Networking is simply connecting with another and it’s something we do all the time.

When you asked a co-worker for a favor, that was networking.

That time you took your car to a mechanic and you talked with the mechanic about the type of work he did and if he thought he could fix your car, that was networking.

So, without further ado, here are the terms to add to your dating dictionary…

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