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Search engines such as Google (goog), Yahoo (yhoo), and Microsoft's (msft) Bing had inadvertently stored leaked data as part of their web crawlers' caches, and the Cloud Flare team had to work with them to scrub these indexes.

According to the Better Business Bureau serving Greater Cleveland, this time of year is also a busy time for romance scammers who try to get into your wallet once they have found a place in your heart.

The BBB offers these tips: A rose by any other name: If you plan to take advantage of the convenience of online shopping, don't be led around by your nose when looking for online deals for flowers.

We work with other leading technology companies to create solutions that improve manageability, strengthen security, and speed app deployment.

Joint customers benefit from the integration and interoperability that result.

Within hours, the security team disabled several new features to its service—for those inclined: email obfuscation, server-side excludes, and automatic HTTPS rewrites—that had caused the problem to surface.

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