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Louis students who participated in the cleanup efforts organized by Gov. “My friend was like, ‘There’s police cars everywhere. ’” said Safron, who’d been anticipating no more than about 20 people taking part.

Footage of the incident, on Maitland Road in Newscastle, was captured on the dashcam of the vehicle travelling behind on Satruday afternoon.

The driver of the white Landcruiser appears to be impatient with the other car for hogging the right lane.

He'll likely learn he can sometimes win a battle before it starts.didn't jump on a fourth-quarter fumble with the Super Bowl in the balance. But we didn't lose that game because of that fumble.

A driver has rammed his four-wheel-drive into a P-plater's car in a shocking case of road rage.

Grace and professionalism are rarely the wrong tact, which is why virtually every Super Bowl loser for half a century has endured a few minutes of introspection. Newton was magnanimous with Peyton Manning, and likely other Denver Broncos, out on the field.

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